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The shop at Carl Larsson- gården is filled with Carl and Karin Larsson’s artistry in carefully selected designs straight from the house. In our web shop we have included our most popular products, which have all borrowed details from the artist pair’s paintings and textiles. You will find reproductions of Carl Larsson’s most loved paintings and an ample selection of books about the artists’ home and Carl and Karin themselves. Karin was a trendsetting artist way before her time and her textiles were very original even before her later abstract style. You can order some of Karin’s embroidery kits in our web shop . For children we have The Larsson Children’s Colouring Book and The Larsson Children’s Memory Game as well as several jigsaw puzzles for both young and old.

Our online shop is the perfect place to buy things related to Sweden, or specifically Dalarna. Maybe as a souvenir from a trip, a gift for a friend, or for yourself to decorate your home with iconic art by Carl and Karin Larsson.

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Carl Larsson-gårdens dining room

A lovely look into the dining room of Carl Larsson-gården!