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Bookmark magnet "The crayfishing"

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Motif: Detail of "The crayfishing"

Bookmark with magnet

The watercolor Crab catch which is included in the book A Home was painted in 1897 and Carl says “On August 15, the crayfish catch begins. It will be like new life in us then. All the cages, nets and rods are in order, and when the clock strikes twelve at night I row out, whatever the weather, and in the deep black night I lower the nets into the even blacker water; sleeps so until five o'clock when the older children are awakened; and so we whiten as the sun rises in the morning mist like a pancake over the reed tops. The picture with the set table sufficiently explains the rest, I think. ”

In the painting, we see Lisbeth at the set table, Karin making coffee and little Kersti who is afraid of a crayfish. Pontus, Ulf and Brita are in full swing with the sinking nets while the eldest daughter Suzanne sits in the boat and arranges the crayfish cages.

Size: 4.5 x 10.5 cm

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