Bokmärke Esbjörn i studiehörnet

Bookmark "Esbjörn in the study corner"

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Motif: Detail of "Esbjörn in the study corner"

It is Esbjörn, Carl and Karin Larsson's youngest son, born in 1900, who sits in his little shelter in the school household on Blindgatan in Falun and reads his homework, while he looks out the window, through which you can see the spire of Kopparberg Church at the far end. In the mirror, Carl Larsson has included a portrait of himself at the easel. On this watercolor he has a black hat on his head, unlike on the watercolor, which he painted in 1908 with the same motif, where Carl Larsson is bareheaded.

Carl Larsson. Watercolor, 1912.

Bookmark paper with printed motif.
Size: 5 cm x 20 cm