Bricka - Gården och brygghuset

Tray – The Yard and the Brewhouse

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Birchwood tray made in Sweden. Dishwasher safe. Size: 20x27 cm.

Reproduction of Carl Larsson’s painting The Yard and the Brewhouse.

Painted in 1897. Four-year old Brita is sledding on the snow. Behind her we see the newly-built jetty house where the two housemaids slept, both in summer and in winter.

In his book A Home, Carl Larsson, writes of the watercolour: “In the new brewhouse there are two small, cosy rooms with fireplaces. In the upper room - which you can just see behind the trees glittering with frost in this winter scene with Brita on her sled – our two maids have their beds, both in summer and at Christmastime.”

In a letter dated 1896, Karin writes of the new brewhouse under construction. It was never used for brewing beer though, as the Swedish word ‘brygga’, to brew, also means ‘jetty’ and the jetty was then just outside the door. The building was used as a laundry and bakehouse and in 1898 a new shed was built on to house a large mangle. By way of an outdoor staircase you could reach an upstairs guestroom, commonly known as “The bachelor digs”.


Read more about all the buildings of the homestead in Ami Bergöö’s book Lilla Hyttnäs – where love, beauty and weeds thrived.