Carl Larsson: An annotated bibliography

Ann J. Topjon

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This is the first comprehensive bibliography on Larsson and, with approximately 5900 entries, encompasses all known works by him, including albums, book illustrations and any articles he wrote and/or illustrated in all languages and countries. The bibliography also documents and annotates the plethora of materials about him in all languages, including monographs, incidental books, encyclopedia articles and exhibition catalogs, as well as the numerous journal and newspaper articles written about him during his lifetime and up to the present. The book includes a section of 16 color plates highlighting Larsson's work. Ann J. Topjon is Associate Professor/Librarian Emeritus from Whittier College, California, and has spent over 20 years compiling this record of Carl Larsson, which will be an invaluable tool for all those researching his life and works.

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