En Kakbok

A Cake Book - Inspiration, recipes and food history from Sundborn. In Swedish

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A CAKE BOOK - cakes, art and other goodies

First came Carl Larsson's book A home that invited the reader to Lilla Hyttnäs' life and beautiful environments. More than 100 years later, a modern sequel appeared in A cookbook by Elisabeth Svalin Gunnarsson. Through the family's lively letter cat, we get to follow their lifelong food journey through the places they lived. But in the letters there is such an abundance of cakes and goodies that it became a book of its own. So now we return and dive straight into the world of sweets.

A CAKE BOOK - cakes, art and other goodies are the story of creative desire and everyday joy. Carl and Karin shaped their home together and now we follow the couple's continued creation, side by side as their artistic forms of expression are embodied in art and cakes. Here, Carl's art is painted in oil and watercolor. Karin's immortalized in flour and butter - two sides of the same creativity and both pictures and cakes live on in the magic of memory and tastes.
In time and space you can follow the path of goodies from Hallsberg to Grez-sur-Loing, from Sundborn to Wimbledon as well as known and unknown pictures of Carl. It provides additional perspective on creation.

• 208 pages in format 222x290 cm
• Original recipe by Karin Larsson
• 59 paintings by Carl Larsson
• Large number of unique old black and white images

Text and photos Elisabeth Svalin Gunnarsson
Graphic design Per Eriksson Pax, Norkay

Publisher Carl Larsson-gården

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