Fatboy fodral

Sunflower Fatboy Case without filling

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Sit or lie down and relax outdoors with a Sunflower cushion (Fatboy Buggle-Up). It can withstand both water and sun and is ideal to have in the garden or on the terrace. The strap on your Sunflower cusion makes it easy to put over your shoulder and bring it wherever you want. The pillow fits as well indoors as outdoors. It can withstand water and moisture and it is easy to clean it, just to wipe or flush it. A Fatboy that is really durable and made of strong nylon fabrics.

The cover is machine washable 30 degrees C
Size: 140 x 190 cm

You fill your Sunflower Fatboy with EPS styrofoam beads. You can find styrofoam beads at furniture stores or in webshops on the Internet.
Worth noting is that a Fatboy Buggle-Up holds 360 liters.