From Log Cottage to Total Work of Art


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"Carl Larsson-gården - From Log Cottage to Total Work of Art" is written by Torsten Gunnarsson and Ulla Eliasson, previously directors of the collections of National Museum of Art and Museum of Architecture in Stockholm. The book is heavily illustrated with new photographs taken by Per Myrehed and beautiful designed by Arne Öström.

The cover art is a watercolour painting by Carl Larsson from 1901 and is named "Suzanne and another" showing the oldest daughter Suzanne helping decorate the room which later will be hers in the second story building, wich was added to the family Larssons home in Sundborn when they moved here permanently from Stockholm. Through one of the windows you can see the local painter Persson who is painting the exterior wall. Through the other window you can see a couple of feet wich presumably belongs to the carpenter Arnbom.

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