Carl Larsson's autobiography. (In Swedish)

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It is a funny, drastic and sometimes quite angry artist who has written down his memoirs. Frankly and honestly, Carl tells about the hard childhood in Stockholm and about the years in Paris' artist quarters. Carl describes meetings with friends Anders Zorn, Albert Engström and Prince Eugene, but also about the friend who became his enemy, August Strindberg. Carl also tells about the secret love, the two unknown children and about the skyrocketing love for Karin. He also describes life at Lilla Hyttnäs in Sundborn, which would forever affect the view of the Swedish home. Carl Larsson's self-published autobiography comes here in a new edition and with a completely unique photo insert with photos from the family's own photo album. Here you get the story behind the paintings.

Carl's autobiography ends with:

I never ask for forgiveness of my sins, I honestly want to serve my punishment, my pathos is justice.

So happen!

We meet at the furrier (fur trader) said the fox.

But I'm not afraid: I have loved. ”