Cultural Passport - Visit nine unique cultural experiences in Dalarna

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Visit the artists' halls, gardens and historic industrial environments and let yourself be embraced by the living stories about Dalarna.

Enter industrial sites that have been transformed into contemporary art exhibitions. At Verket in Avesta, the sound of steel production is still heard and you feel the warmth of the blast furnaces on your tread among paintings, sculptures and installations.

Another stop on the journey tells the story of mining in the World Heritage City of Falun. Together with a guide you can climb down the Falu Mine, walking through winding walks, 67 meters underground.

The journey also brings you to the place where the artist Carl Larsson inspired his colorful watercolors with motives from his home and garden. Paintings that today form the mindset of Sweden and inspire designers all over the world.

At Dalarna museum you will find Sweden's largest public collection of valley horses from different ages and with different artistic expressions.

Visit the medieval Ornässtugan where 500-year-old stories, about the coming King Gustav Vasa's exciting adventure in Dalarna, are continued.

Stroll through the Munthes beautiful gardens and well-preserved summer home Hildasholm in Leksand.

At Nils Olsson Dalahästar in Nusnäs you will get close to the whole production process from wood bite to painted horse and shop with beautiful souvenirs decorated with traditional Kurbits painting.

For example, on this historic exploration, you can visit Zorngården, Anders and Emma Zorn's home, and hear about "Mora's son" who became a world-renowned artist.

Get to know the people who contributed to Sweden's industrial and cultural development. Hear more about the work to process the hard rock porphyry at the Porphyry Museum in Älvdalen.

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Map of cultural journey