Pussel 1000 bitar Kräftfångst

Jigsaw puzzle: Catching Crayfish (1000 pieces)

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Reproduction of Catching Crayfish, watercolour, 1897.

The Larsson family are busy catching crayfish on Bullerholmen island in Sundborn, an island that became Carl Larsson’s property when he bought the Spadarvet farm in March 1897. The entire family are involved and we can see Lisbeth (6 ½ yrs) sitting at the table together with Karin (38) who’s making coffee. Kersti (1 ½ ) is scared of an errant crayfish while Pontus (9), Ulf (10) and Brita (4 ½ ) are fully occupied with their nets. The eldest daughter Suzanne (13) is sitting in the boat with the crayfish pots.